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Expertly Installed Shower Enclosures for New Orleans Homes

Showering can make people feel fresher and are ideal for people who are not into tubs. Shower enclosures can be a perfect fit for them, and contacting service professionals to do the job can be the start of having a more relaxing bath and cozier shower room. Modernized bathrooms are now equipped with shower enclosures and it has become a trend. Customized shower enclosures have been made possible since most homeowners would want their bathroom to match their new or renovated shower enclosures.

What Is the Advantage of Using a Shower Enclosure?

  • More Space

Unlike tubs, shower enclosures can still leave you some room to move around as you enjoy the flow of water when taking a bath or shower. The glass can also make the enclosure appear bigger and having an enclosure can make you more secure as you relax during your bath time. 

  • Watertight

Having a shower enclosure can prevent the water from spreading throughout the bathroom which can cause inconvenience and give you more work as well since you have to extend your cleaning routine after a shower. The shower enclosure is designed to keep the water inside the enclosure only.

  • Low Maintenance

Having shower enclosures can make the work easier for you since they are made of tempered glass that is not prone to scratch and you can simply wipe them off to remove the water and voila! Their appearance will still be clean, shower enclosures are designed to be low maintenance so people can have more time to enjoy their showers rather than taking a long time to clean.

Types of Shower Enclosure Doors

1. Square Shower Enclosure

Shower Enclosure Design in New OrleansThis type of shower enclosure can be ideal for small spaces as it can perfectly fit well and still have enough space for the rest of the bathroom. It can also be fitted on the corner and with its glass walls, it can make the space look bigger.

2. Rectangular Shower Enclosure

The rectangular shower enclosure can be ideal for spaces that are more sugar since this can give more space and still leave an area for the rest of the bathroom. For instance, for elongated bathrooms, rectangular shape shower enclosures can fit well. 

3. Semi- Oval / Quadrant Shower Enclosure

The glass area of the semi-oval shower enclosures is facing the clear area as the two flat surfaces are against the wall. This design can actually maximize more space and lesser glass is used as well. Small space will not be an issue if you opt for this type of shower enclosure.

4. Half-Circle Shower Enclosures

Half-circle shower enclosure has one straight corner and one curve part. This shower inclusion has a complicated process and they can cost more.

Frameless Glass Enclosure In Your Bathroom

For the frameless glass enclosure, the thickness, and the measurement are customized according to the measurement of your bathroom. The installation is faster as they are no need to put some support on the glass just the metal spanning for the top part, metal hinges, and vinyl seals to hold the glass in place,  aesthetically they are attractive but they have their cons too.

Two Types of Glass Enclosures

  • Swinging: They come in many sizes and designs too, swinging glass enclosures can be perfect for bathrooms with more space since they can be dressier and add ambiance to your space. 
  • Sliding: This is ideal for small spaces as an area for opening the door is not needed. They also allow easier maneuvering and make getting in and out of the shower easier.

Benefits of Custom Glass Shower Enclosure

  • Unique Design

Opting for a customized shower enclosure you can choose a design that can match your home interior. Having a matching design can make your home more organized and refreshing so why not choose to customize your shower enclosure if you can? We at Big Easy Bathrooms can customize your shower enclosure to the looks you desire.

  • Openness and Size

For customized shower enclosures we adjust the size and openness according to the available space n your bathroom. We have several models that can be perfect for the space you have in your bathroom. To make the shower enclosure ideal for your shower routines, people get to relax when they have a good space for their baths, so getting the openness and size you want is essential and this is attainable with customized shower enclosures.

  • Cleaning & Maintenance

Having a customized shower enclosure can be easier to clean and maintain since they are not made to be too big or too small plus you can choose the material to use for your glass therefore you can opt for materials that can be easily maintained to make your shower enclosures spotless most of the time.

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