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New Orleans Walk-In Shower from the Experts at Big Easy Bathrooms

Feel more secure with a walk-in shower made with top-quality products for a refreshing bath. We can convert your existing shower or bathtub into a more cost-effective and elegant walk-in shower. Upgrading does not need to be expensive. We have walk-in shower products that are budget-friendly but will not compromise durability.

Our professional team will take care of every detail that you want for your walk-in shower in New Orleans area. You will be involved in the walk-in shower project from day 1 until its completion. Whether it’s new construction or a renovation, there is no small or big project that we cannot accomplish.

Whatever material you want your walk-in shower to be made of, Big Easy Bathrooms have a solution for your shower and bathtub upgrade needs. We have been converting many showers and bathtubs into walk-in showers and our clients were all satisfied. We take every project seriously to provide you with a walk-in shower that will last for years.

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We Offer Various Accessories, Including:

Safety grab bars

We have various types of grab bars made with the best quality materials. Our grab bars are made from rust-resistant stainless steel for carefree durability. You won’t need to worry about replacing them for a couple of years. You can now get style and safety altogether with our quality safety grab bars available in monochromatic colors that can match any bathroom design.

Shower caddies

We offer a variety of shower caddies in different materials, designs, and colors. They are a great companion to any walk-in shower because it helps you organize your favorite shower products to keep your bathing experience stress-free and neat. Shower caddies can be your favorite effective storage solution because they don’t take up a lot of space.

Our quality shower caddies will make everything in your walk-in shower organized and accessible. We offer shower caddies from the simplest to the most elegant styles. So, whatever design your walk-in shower, we have the best shower caddie for you.

Recessed soap dishes

We have a variety of recessed soap dishes made with the finest quality material that combines style and great value. All of our recesses soap dishes are perfect for both residential and commercial applications.

You can choose from the different styles, materials, and colors that can be matched to the color and design of your walk-in shower. Check out our recessed soap dishes designed for security applications. They can be mounted or installed easily and seamlessly, providing you with a convenient way to store your soap and shampoo.

Comfortable seating

Comfortable seating is necessary to provide a great bathroom experience for all ages. This is especially important for those who belong to the older generation. When you have a small bathroom, you should be very thoughtful with the choice of design for your seat.

Some modern options for comfortable seating in walk-in bathrooms include the fold-down shower seat and bath seats for inside or outside the shower.

The fold-down shower seat we offer is installed on a wall inside your walk-in shower. This makes it more convenient to use because the seat will just have to fold down when needed and folded up when not in use. We have affordable fold-down shower seats that create a spa feeling to bring you the ultimate walk-in shower experience.

The other type of bath seat we offer is a 14″ wide seat that is light enough to carry in the shower when it is needed. It has rubber grips beneath its feet to make it securely stay in place during the shower.

Adjustable shower heads

Showers in New Orleans By Big Easy BathroomsOur shower head products for walk-in showers include a sliding bar that lets you easily adjust the height of your shower head by sliding it up or down the bar. If you prefer to use the shower as a hand shower, you can simply remove the shower head from the bracket where it sits.

Enjoy a lovely bath with our adjustable shower head products that you can easily position, allowing you to change the shower height in seconds and target specific muscles. We have the best adjustable shower heads that can accommodate tall and short people, adjusting for low or high shower arms or pipes.

Now, you can experience the versatility of a shower head with an easy adjustment so that all members of the family can enjoy your walk-in shower. We also have adjustable shower heads that have varying pulse power so that you can get a therapeutic strength massage while bathing.

Choose from the most common types of adjustable shower heads that we offer:

  • Magnetic slide strip
  • Slide bar
  • Auto-lock arm
  • Flexible neck

Towel racks

A quality towel rack that can hold your towel while you finish your bath can bring you the convenience and comfort that you will have a clean towel to use after a refreshing bath. We have top-quality towel rack products that are made with high-quality stainless steel.

The towel racks we offer come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from wall-mounted and free-standing to shower door and over-the-door models. Whether you need a shorter or longer version to accommodate a family bathroom, we have the towel rack that will best fit your walk-in shower.

Call us today and we can show you a gallery of all the walk-in shower accessories that will create a worthwhile bath experience. All our products are manufactured to the highest standards in the industry. We choose from the best manufacturers that have warranties and quality assurance of the durability of each product.

Benefits of Walk-in Showers

New-Orleans-Walk-in-Showers-By-Big-Easy-BathroomsMany homeowners choose to transform their bathrooms and bathtubs into walk-in showers for many reasons including:

  • It saves a huge amount of bathroom space and is thus, cheaper. Transforming a regular bathroom may need a simple installation of glass panels.
  • It can create the illusion of space for small shower spaces when glass doors are used.
  • It helps create a spacious layout in the bathroom, especially because glass material allows you to see through the rest of the bathroom.
  • It maximizes the modern bathroom design with a contemporary and stylish finish.

We can create a stunning walk-in bathroom for your home or commercial space that will give you these benefits. Contact us today for a free consultation, so our walk-in shower contractor will help you choose the best design and products for the ultimate walk-in shower experience.

Soaker Tubs for your Bathroom

We have different types of soaker tubs that you can choose from if you want one for your walk-in shower. Our soaker tubs vary in width and height so you can choose the best size that fits your ideal walk-in shower setup. We have porcelain-enameled cast iron soaker tubs that provide the best resistance to impact and fantastic heat retention for a long relaxing soak in your walk-in shower.

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There are no rules in fitting a walk-in shower in your bathroom. Big Easy Bathrooms have completed many types of walk-in showers for small and big bathrooms that work perfectly. We will help you choose the best walk-in shower accessories to accommodate your needs so that you will enjoy every bath in your walk-in shower.

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