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Premium Quality Shower Surrounds in New Orleans For LA Homes and Nearby Areas

A bathroom upgrade can be on your checklist for your home improvement plan. It can also be a great way to upgrade your commercial bathroom to increase the satisfaction of your clients.

One of the best bathroom upgrades is a shower surround.  So, if you have a fully functioning shower that needs a face lift, we can install the best shower surround in LA for you.

Here at Big Easy Bathrooms, our experience in home improvement projects in New Orleans, especially in bathtub upgrades has given us the confidence to offer this specialist service that will surely be a cost-effective solution in polishing the look of your bathroom. Contact us today for a free quote and more info about our services.

How Shower Surrounds Can Be Customized

Bathroom with screened shower - Big easy BathroomsWhatever design you would like for your bath upgrade with a shower surround, our team of service professionals will carry out the project for you. We offer bespoke shower enclosures tailored fit to your bathroom space, no matter how unique and intricate.

Our skill in designing custom shower surrounds in New Orleans includes the following tips and ideas that you may want to incorporate in your next shower surround project:

  • A pattern or color to suit your room’s aesthetic

You can choose from hundreds of patterns that will be used to design your shower surround. A color that will match the overall design of your bathroom can also enhance the ambiance.

  • Safety grab bars

Grab bars are a great addition to your shower surround.  It provides added security, especially for the elderly and the younger members of the family. We install high-quality safety grab bars that allow a firm grip and are rust-proof.

  • Handheld shower wands

When you attach a handheld shower wand to your shower, taking a bath can be easier because you can direct water to areas you want to be washed. It can also help reduce your water consumption when taking a bath because you focus on washing only what needs to.

  • Recessed soap dishes

There are beautiful designs of recessed soap dishes that we can install in your shower surround. It is ideal to place them near your shower so that it is accessible.

  • Shampoo caddies

Keep your bathroom supplies organized with aesthetic shampoo caddies. They do not only hold shampoo bottles in place. You can also use them to store other supplies such as conditioner bottles, razors, soap, shaving gel, and all other things you need when you shower.

  • Comfortable seating

Include a shower seat to add luxury and comfort to your shower surround. They can also be used to keep toiletries at hand in case the shower caddy does not have enough space to store everything you need.

Check our gallery for many stylish comfortable shower seating ideas. You can have a tile shower bench that matches your shower wall tile with a seat that adds a unique and beautiful contrast.

Adding comfortable seating to your shower surround offers these benefits:

  1. It provides a comfortable and safe place for people with injuries, arthritis, or balance issues.
  2. It is a great place to relax and enjoy using a hand-held showerhead if you are mobile.
  3. Provides extra storage space for bathroom supplies
  4. It can be a beautiful design element that enhances the appearance of your bathroom design
  • Frameless shower doors

Update your shower doors to a sleek, glistening frameless glass shower door that is almost invisible. You can have a panel or two of a glass wall if you have a very large shower area.  Frameless shower doors and glass shower enclosures can make your bath look bigger and more inviting. They help showcase the beautiful design of every element in your bathroom.

  • Large rain shower head and wall-mounted shower head

Create a luxurious bath with a multiple shower head system which includes a large shower head overhead, a wall-mounted shower head, and one detachable shower wand. Having multiple shower heads can greatly enhance your shower experience and make it a more relaxing moment.

We can also include advanced features for your shower heads like:

  1. LED lighting
  2. Different spray settings
  3. Massage
  • Large tiles for shower walls

We install custom tile showers that include trending designs. For example, we can install large subway tiles or large format tiles for your bath surrounds. We have pre-made fiberglass or acrylic tub surround or shower surround for a non-standardized-sized shower.

They are a popular choice because they can create an optic illusion that can make your bathroom space appear bigger. Choose from stunningly beautiful patterns that will make your bathroom look and feel more luxurious.

Innovative Shower Surround Trends For Your Bath

Shower - Big Easy BathroomsCreate a bathroom that will maximize your bath experience. Our shower surround design experts will help you create the perfect design for our bathroom that will make this happen.

Consider these trends for custom baths:

  • Shower body jets that coordinate with dual shower heads.  They create a shower system that serves as a relaxing at-home body spa experience at the end of a long day.
  • Combined natural and spa-like surfaces where finishes and textures are varied to create dimension, depth, and intrigue. We can design baths with natural stone, matte subways, and glossy tile accents that harmonize and create a little drama.
  • Biophilic design with lots of greenery to bring the outdoors into your bath creating a calming environment.
  • Freestanding tubs and “wet room” include an unenclosed, tiled bathing area with a large drain in the center of the space.
  • Warm, neutral, and earthy tones bring in warm color palettes like creams, beiges, and nudes.

There are so many more trending designs for baths that include elements like tubs, showers, and lights. Call us today and you can get a free consult about the best shower surround design for your new bathroom in New Orleans.

Benefits Of Having Shower Surrounds For Baths From the Experts

Our completely customized approach to bathroom remodels with shower surrounds ensures that you get the perfect solution and best experience in your bath.

Enjoy these benefits from the experts in installing and designing new shower surrounds in New Orleans:

  1. Custom shower surrounds for a one-of-a-kind look
  2. Low-maintenance glass shower walls
  3. Modern tile shower walls
  4. Tile shower walls for a sleek, finished style
  5. The expansive selection of accessories and safety options
  6. Flexible financing plans
  7. Professional installations from factory-trained installers
  8. Award-winning, courteous service
  9. True lifetime warranties

We have a limited-time offer for a free design consult on a shower surround for a bathroom upgrade. Don’t delay enjoying the benefits of having high-quality shower surrounds in New Orleans.

Designs of Our Shower Surrounds

We have a full gallery that showcases all the different shower surrounds that we have designed and installed in residential and commercial properties. You can check the reviews, blog, faqs, and completed shower surround projects we accomplished in the past years to gain inspiration.

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