Keep Your Bathroom Stylish and Mildew-Free With the Best Shower Liners in New Orleans

For a lot of different and personal reasons, people find the bathroom a bit relaxing because this is one of the few places that you could go to just to freshen up and relax as you take a shower.

You would be able to have this new feel in your bathroom with new shower liners project and it would be able to take you such a long way. So, you could keep your bathroom stylish and mildew-free with the best shower liners in New Orleans.

Home Shower Curtain: What are Shower Liners?

When you are talking about liners for the showers and the bathtub, they are these curtains that you could use to prevent water from spraying on the floor of your bathroom. The shower curtain liners are the best way for you to make such a bigger mess when you are taking a bath at home.

A shower curtain is usually sprayed with this coating of epoxy, polymer, or urethane material to prevent any mold and mildew from forming on the curtain shower liner itself.

Benefits of Getting a Liner for Your Shower

  • You are not going to need any complicated construction for your downluxe shower curtain in order to install it in your bathroom.
  • No need to have to replace any of your bathroom walls or your floor.
  • A liner shower curtain would be able to see you more time and money in the long run.
  • A shower curtain liner is durable.
  • You are sure that there would be safety in your home when you have your own shower curtain liner.
  • A shower curtain liner is very easy to maintain.
  • There are different appearance options that you could choose from when it comes to your shower curtain liners so they would be able to easily fit the theme of your home.

Shower Liner Installation

Measuring the Shower

Shower liners - Big Easy BathroomsWhen you are working with a shower liner installer, they are going to have to measure the shower in your home first. They are going to be visiting your house and make sure that they are taking the exact and precise measurements so that they are able to give you the best shower curtain liners for you.

Ordering the Liner

A high-quality shower curtain liner would then be ordered through all of these trustworthy and reliable manufacturers for the bathtub and the shower.  The liner they are going to be ordering would depend on the kind of material you want your shower curtain liner to be made out of, from fabric to vinyl, the possibilities are endless.

Installing the Liner

After they have ordered the shower curtain liner, they are going to be installing it, making sure to cover your bathtub and shower. They are going to be removed the old fixtures that you had on and even remove the drain fittings as well before they would insert the shower curtain liners in the area where they should be installed in.

Final Work and Cleaning

Last but not least, your installer would be making sure that your shower curtain liner is installed properly. Your shower curtain liners would be cleaned as well and the whole final work and cleaning would usually only last less than a day to complete.

Shower Liners: Compare Shower Curtain Liner Materials

Vinyl / PVC Shower Liners

When you are using a vinyl shower liner for your shower liner bathtub, then it would come in different weights and thicknesses so there are some levels of protection that it could give your home.

When using this for your bathroom, you may or may not notice some chemical odors that are pungent and they could even linger on for a few days. And that is because when you are using vinyl shower liners, there are some toxic chemicals that were used to make them.

They use polyvinyl chloride or PVC for vinyl liners, so there are some high levels of phthalates on them. The small of them in the showers could cause some nausea or headaches to people who enter your bathroom, so you have to really watch out for that.

PEVA & EVA Shower Liners

Elegant curtain - Big Easy BathrromsNext, we have the Peva shower liner which could be considered a perfect alternative to the vinyl liner. When you are using this liner, especially in the shower, then it is a bit better for your health compared to the other option because this is a bit more eco-friendly and the material contains less volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and there is no chlorine.

Since there is no chlorine, these liners do not have a such strong smell. This is the reason why the PEVA or EVA shower liner costs less compared to the vinyl ones.

Fabric Shower Liner

Last but not least, you have the fabric shower curtain. This shower curtain liner gives off a softer look compared to the other two that were previously mentioned.

These liners would easily be able o give your home a better look while also adding more protection on your bathroom floor because the fabric liner was made to be water repellent and you would easily be able to wash and then reuse the fabric.

One of the disadvantages that you could have with the fabric bath liners is that you are going to have to make sure that you are diligent when it comes to washing your curtain liner shower because if you are not, then there is a big chance there would be mold and mildew on your fabric home shower curtain.

Things To Consider When Choosing a Shower Curtain Liner

  • Size
  • Material
  • Magnets and suction cups
  • Eyelets
  • Anti-bacterial and mildew-treated materials
  • Color

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