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Are you planning to install a walk-in shower and wondering what materials you should use? Installing a walk-in shower is a big decision and involves selecting the right materials in order to build a waterproof, durable shower that supports your design.

Walk-in showers have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their sleek and modern design as an alternative to traditional enclosed showers. While there are many aspects involved in constructing a successful, long-lasting walk-in shower, the materials used for construction will play a pivotal role.

From tile types and grout to mortar beds and waterproofing membranes, it’s essential to understand the different types of materials available for each step during the construction of the shower. Big Easy Bathrooms will look at some of the best materials that can be utilized when building your brand-new walk-in shower.

Materials Commonly Used for Walk-in Shower Construction

The materials most commonly used for walk-in shower construction are ceramic, porcelain, and marble tiles. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are simple to use, as they can be cut into any shape needed. Marble tile is a more luxurious option, but it is much costlier and can be more difficult to install due to its weight.


Walk-in showers require a waterproof and water-resistant enclosure that can effectively contain the splashes. One of the most common materials used for its construction is the backer board. Backerboard is a type of sheet material made from Portland cement and aggregate, bonded together with resin to create a strong yet lightweight material.

Shower Pan

shower panShower pans are one of the most important components in a walk-in shower construction. They work to contain and direct water away from the bath area inside the shower pan itself. There are several common materials used for these products, such as ceramic, fiberglass, and acrylic – each with its own benefits and drawbacks. With that being said, however, it is important to select a material that will stand up against wear and tear over time, as well as not corrode or chip easily with heavy use.


Tiles are the most common material used for walk-in shower construction because of the many options in terms of size, color, and finish. The tile is also waterproof, durable, easy to clean, and requires minimal maintenance over time. Additionally, tiles can handle changes in temperature which is important for a hot, steamy shower environment.


Mortar is the most common material used in the construction of walk-in showers. It is made from a blend of hydraulic cement, sand, and water, and is used to lay tiles or stone in place. Mortar offers great long-term durability and resistance to water and mold. When installed properly, it can last for many years without cracking or peeling.


To construct a walk-in shower, materials such as plumbing must be used. Plumbing includes the water supply valves and pipes, drain systems, and necessary fixtures like faucets and shower heads. Fittings, including elbows and copper piping, are also necessary to connect all components of the plumbing system.

Equipment / Tools – What You’ll Need in Walk-In Shower Construction

When constructing a walk-in shower, it’s important to have the right equipment and tools. For starters, you’ll need a tiling saw, drill, bits, silicone caulk gun and sealant, hairdryer or heat gun, waterproof membrane and adhesive, tile grout, or backer board screws. You should also have stainless steel screws for mounting shelves or niches if needed.

  • Hammer

A hammer is one of the most essential pieces of equipment for constructing a walk-in shower, as it is required to hold tile and sealant in place. A rubber mallet may also come in handy to avoid cracking tiles when nailing them into position.

  • Cordless Drill

Having a cordless drill is an essential tool when completing walk-in shower construction. A cordless drill can help you securely mount brackets, screws, and more into the walls and floors. It also helps to make sure that your fixtures and accessories are tightly secured so that there will be no water leakage in the shower.

  • Tape Measure

toolsA tape measure is a key tool for any walk-in shower construction project. It’s important to accurately measure your space and calculate the exact size, shape, and materials needed for a successful installation. With a tape measure, you can check to see if all of the components, such as pipes and walls, line up correctly, and make sure the walk-in shower will fit perfectly in its allocated space.

  • Putty Knife

A putty knife is an essential tool when constructing a walk-in shower. This tool can be used to smooth out any imperfections in the caulking, making it easier to clean and create a professional finish. Putty knives are also great for helping with tile installation, as they allow you to spread grout evenly along the seams and make sure that no tiles overlap or chip.

  • Bubble Level

A bubble level is an essential tool for anyone planning to build a walk-in shower. The tool allows you to measure the level of your bathroom surfaces, helping to ensure your new shower is installed correctly and safely. With the bubble level, you can line up plumb with 90-degree angles as well as reference flat surfaces on walls or tubs.

  • Jigsaw or Hole Saw

The jigsaw or hole saw is an essential tool for anyone installing a walk-in shower. A jigsaw helps to cut curved lines, while a hole saw is used to create large circular openings in tiles and other surfaces. When using either of these tools, make sure to exercise caution and wear protective gear, such as safety glasses and gloves.

  • Spud Wrench

A spud wrench is an essential tool for constructing a walk-in shower. It is designed with a tapered handle and different-sized heads for grasping nuts, bolts, and screws. This type of wrench has the ability to fit into tight spaces, such as when working with drainage pipes or installing water lines.

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