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Whether you want something large enough for your pooch or just need a place to rinse off muddy paws, we have the perfect product for you. Not only do our pet baths look great, but they are also incredibly easy to install and maintain – giving you peace of mind when it comes to caring for your furry friends.

So if you’re ready to make the bathing time fun and stress-free, come check out Big Easy Bathrooms today.

What is a Pet Walk In Tub?

Pet walk in Tub - Big Easy BathroomsPet Walk In Tubs are a convenient solution for pet owners who don’t have access to outdoor places where their pets can take a bath.

Pet owners no longer need to lug around a full tank of water and drain into the tub or find an outdoor hose solution for their pets.

The Pet Walk-In Tub allows you to easily fill and drain the tub as needed, giving your pet the perfect bath every time.

Pet Walk-In Tubs is also designed to make bathing your pet easier by offering easy access from all sides, making it effortless for you to give them a thorough scrub down and rinse afterward.

Not only that, Pet Walk-In Tub is shaped in such a way that will minimize splashing while they’re taking their bath.

With Pet Walk-In Tub, there’s less mess during baths and more time for snuggles and playtime!

Why You Might Want To Consider a Pet Walk-in Tub

The pet walk-in tub provides an array of benefits compared to traditional baths.

  • It offers greater control over the bathing process by allowing owners to regulate the amount of water used. The low entry platform makes getting into the tub easy and eliminates any need for lifting or having to maneuver your pet around an awkward bathtub shape.
  • It is a great way to provide a safe, comfortable bathing experience for your furry friends. Not only does it offer an easier way to bathe them, but it can also reduce the mess that comes with bath time. The design of a pet walk-in tub is simple and straightforward – it consists of a low platform made from slip-resistant material with two side walls and an open front.
  • The side walls are typically lined with rubber non-slip strips to help pets keep their footing while they get used to the experience. The rubber strips along the walls help ensure your pet can safely get into and out of the tub without slipping or losing balance due to wet surfaces or slippery soaps or shampoos.
  • It helps minimize mess significantly more than traditional baths do. All of the splashing and spraying associated with regular baths is drastically reduced due to the shallow nature of these tubs, which means less water on the floor and less clean-up afterward! And since most models come with built-in drains, you won’t have a big puddle forming at your feet every time you give your pup a bath either.
  • They’re relatively compact and lightweight so you can easily store them away after use.

The convenience factor also plays an important role when it comes to why people might want to consider investing in one of these devices for their four-legged friends.

With all of its features combined – low entry platform, rubber strips along walls, built-in drains – this type of apparatus can make bathing your pup easier than ever before!

Having a dedicated room or area solely devoted to giving your dog or cat regular baths will not only help keep them clean but also look forward rather than dreading having to jump into a cold slipper full-size bathtub every few weeks! And given how affordable these types of contraptions are nowadays there’s really no reason not to consider investing in one if you’re looking for an easier way to bathe your pet.

Features and Design of Walk-In Tubs For Pets

1. Soaking Tubs

Dog bathe time - Big Easy BathroomsThese tubs are designed for pets who enjoy taking baths. They typically have higher walls to prevent water from splashing out, and they often have a textured bottom to provide traction.

2. Walk-In Tubs

These tubs are designed for pets who have difficulty getting in and out of traditional baths. They have a low threshold or door that allows pets to walk into the tub, and they often have a seat or bench inside for pet comfort.

3. Hydrotherapy Tubs

These tubs are designed for pets who need hydrotherapy, which is the use of water to help relieve pain and promote healing. Hydrotherapy tubs often have jets or other features that can massage the muscles and joints, and they may be used in conjunction with physical therapy.

4. Portable Tubs

These tubs are designed for pets who travel frequently or who do not have a permanent bathtub in their home. Portable tubs are typically made of plastic and can be easily transported from one location to another.

5. Luxury Tubs

These tubs are designed for pets who deserve the best of the best! Luxury pet walk-in tubs often come equipped with features like heated floors, built-in showers, and massaging jets.

Cost of Pet Walk-In Tub

For those needing an easier, safer bathing solution for limited mobility, a walk-in tub is the answer. While these life-enhancing additions generally range from $2K to as much as $20K with installation expenses on top of that, they provide invaluable peace of mind in terms of affordable comfort and convenience.

Pet Walk-In Tub by Big Easy Bathrooms

Pet Walk-In Tub by Big Easy Bathrooms is the perfect addition to any home with pets. This safe and supportive bathtub makes giving your pet a bath easier than ever!

It includes a wide, curved step-up entry, textured flooring for extra grip and comfort, rubber grommets to protect against scratches, an adjustable hand-held shower head and spout with pullout closure, and an adjustable nozzle seat for a more comfortable bathing experience.

Pet Walk-In Tub by Big Easy Bathrooms is designed for convenience, pet safety, and ease of use. Give your pet the royal treatment that it deserves – shop Pet Walk-In Tub by Big Easy Bathrooms today.

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