Wheelchair Walk in Tub

Wheelchair Accessible Walk-in Tub Services: Safe and Comfortable Bathing in New Orleans

Are you looking for safe and comfortable bathing options to meet the special needs of seniors or disabled people? Are you living in New Orleans or nearby?

Walk-in tubs are an excellent choice for those who seek accessible, independent, and safe bathing. They provide a better bathing experience for people with limited mobility or other special needs. They also include features that traditional tubs do not have.

If you are looking for a walk-in bathtub in New Orleans, look no further – Big Easy Bathrooms is your one-stop shop for all your bathroom needs. Our specialized services and products help create environments that are more user-friendly, safer, and more comfortable. Learn the various benefits of using our services as well as why they are the best option in New Orleans to provide safe and comfortable bathing services.

Benefits of Wheelchair Accessible Walk-in Tubs for Those with Disabilities

Accessibility is an often overlooked area when discussing care and comfort for those with disabilities or limited mobility. For those 3 million or more who need a wheelchair just to bathe, there is a perfect solution: walk-in tubs that are designed just for people like them.

Here’s a look at how these specially designed tubs help people with disabilities enjoy greater independence in their daily lives:

No More Need for Assistance

Walk in Tub for Disabled PeopleThe installation of a wheelchair-accessible walk-in tub can eliminate the need for assistance while bathing. This means that those who previously relied on helpers and caregivers to assist them with their baths can now bathe independently and privately without having to wait for someone else to be available or off work.

Easy Accessibility

Wheelchair-accessible walk-in tubs have been specially designed to provide easy accessibility for those who are physically challenged. Lifts make it easier to transfer from wheelchair to tub, while grab bars, built-in seats, and anti-slip surface treatments provide stability for extra safety.

These features mean that less time is needed on standing transfers, making it much easier to get into the bath comfortably by themselves.

Improved Comfort and Independence

Not only do walk-in tubs provide people with disabilities a safe place to bathe without help, but they also offer added features such as hydrotherapy jets, back massage systems, and aromatherapy fillers which promote relaxation while soaking in the warm water.

With such therapeutic features available, users will be able to experience improved comfort and benefit from increased independence when taking baths without having to bend over traditional baths or showers or rely on others.

Maintain Dignity

In addition to providing improved accessibility and comfort benefits when using these designed bathrooms, walk-in tubs also ensure that individuals can maintain their dignity during the process of bathing with minimal help from others.

People may struggle emotionally when dependent heavily on assistance from others, so users can feel more confident about themselves since they don’t have to stress about needing someone else’s help just so they can take a bath safely.

Expert Installation and Maintenance

Big Easy Bathrooms not only provides the best walk-in tubs for those with disabilities, but we also offer expert installation and maintenance services. Our team of experienced professionals is highly trained to ensure that your tub is installed correctly and safely.

We will also provide regular maintenance checks to make sure that all safety features are working properly and that your tub is in good working order.

Wheelchair Accessible Walk-in Tubs Cost in New Orleans

Walk In Tub for DisabledThe cost of a wheelchair-accessible walk-in tub in New Orleans can vary depending on the size, features, and installation requirements. Generally speaking, the average cost for a basic model is around $3,000 to $5,000. However, if you want more advanced features like aromatherapy fillers or hydrotherapy jets, the add-on cost can increase the total cost by up to $10,000 or more.

We know that a walk-in tub can cost a lot of money, which is why we offer financing options to make it easier for you to purchase one. We also provide free estimates, so you can get an idea of what your project will cost before committing to anything.

If you are looking for a safe and comfortable bathing experience in New Orleans, then look no further than Big Easy Bathrooms. We offer the best wheelchair-accessible walk-in tubs with expert installation and maintenance services to ensure that you get the most out of your purchase. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a free estimate.

Optional Add-On Features

For those who rely on wheelchairs for their everyday mobility needs, adding extra features to their walk-in tubs can be a great way to make the bathing experience both more enjoyable and easier.

There are a variety of optional add-on features that a homeowner can purchase to make their experience as safe and convenient as possible. Here is a list of some of the most popular.

Easy Access Handles

One of the best features you can add to your wheeled bathtub is easy-to-access handles, which make it easier to get in and out of the tub without having to maneuver around in your wheelchair or other devices. This feature also gives you more grip when transferring in and out, which further ensures stable footing.

Non-slip Flooring

Being able to place your wheelchair or another mobile device inside the bathing area is extremely important for wheelchair users, but maintaining stability on wet surfaces can be difficult. Installing anti-slip flooring in your walk-in tub helps create a slip-proof surface that will keep you from falling over while bathing.

Swivel Seats

Swivel seats are another great option for adding convenience and safety to wheelchair-accessible walk-in tubs. These seats rotate so that getting into and exiting from the tub becomes much simpler than traditional models would allow.

Transfer Benches

Transfer benches help provide an extra level of support and stability when entering or exiting the bathtub on wheels, making it much safer overall. They are designed so that wheelchair users can easily move between multiple points without losing their balance while they do so. For example, when going from one side of the house to the other.

Big Easy Bathrooms Quality Products and Exceptional Customer Service

Big Easy Bathrooms stands out from other bathroom ware retailers because we offer customers access to quality products and exceptional customer service. The company has hand-picked its bathroom fixtures, which come in a variety of styles, ensuring that customers can find something to suit their unique tastes.

In addition, we offer knowledgeable and friendly customer service agents who can help guide customers to the right product for them and answer any questions. Our company is committed to providing excellent customer satisfaction so that each customer can have a pleasant shopping experience.

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