How Much To Remodel A Bathroom

If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom, one of the most important things to consider is the cost. The cost of a bathroom remodel can vary widely depending on the scope of the project, the materials used, and your location. A bathroom remodel can be a significant investment, but it can also add value to your home and improve your daily life.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the cost of a bathroom remodel and explore the factors that can impact the price. Whether you’re planning a simple refresh or a complete overhaul, understanding the cost of a bathroom remodel can help you budget effectively and make informed decisions about your project.

How Much Should You Expect to Spend?

A bathroom remodel can be a great investment, but it’s important to know how much you should expect to spend.

Here are some tips on getting the most out of your budget:

1. Know What You Want Before You Start

This will help you determine what kind of materials and fixtures you need, and how much labor will be required. Make sure to get multiple quotes from different contractors so that you have a good idea of the cost range for your project.

2. Don’t Skimp on Quality 

It’s important to use high-quality materials in your bathroom so that It lasts for years without needing repairs or replacement parts. You may pay more upfront, but it will save you money in the long run.

3. Do It Yourself –

If you’re handy, you can save a lot of money by doing some or all of the work yourself. Just be sure to factor in the cost of materials and tools when budgeting for your project.

4. Shop Around – Compare Prices on Everything from Fixtures to Tile Before Making Any Purchases.

You may be able to find better deals online or at home improvement stores than at local bathroom remodeling retailers. With these tips in mind, you should have a good idea of how much your bathroom remodel will cost.

Remember that the final price will depend on factors like the size and scope of your project, as well as the quality of materials and labor involved.

By getting multiple quotes and shopping around for deals, you can ensure that you get the most bang for your buck during your bathroom renovation.

Key Takeaway: It’s important to know what you want and to use high-quality materials in your bathroom remodel to get the most out of your budget.

The Most Expensive Parts of a Bathroom Remodel

bathroom remodel for your home inspirationWhen it comes to remodeling your bathroom, there are some features and finishes that come with a hefty price tag. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality or style to save money.

Here are the most expensive parts of a bathroom remodel—and how you can save on each one without sacrificing anything:

1. The Vanity:

The vanity is often the focal point of the bathroom, so it’s important to choose one that fits both your style and needs.

If you’re looking for something high-end, custom-made vanities can cost upwards of $5,000. However, there are ways to get the look for less.

You could opt for a semi-custom or stock cabinet which starts at around $500-$1,000 or go for a more budget-friendly option like repurposing an old piece of furniture into a unique new Vanity.

2. Flooring:

Bathroom flooring takes quite a beating due to all the water and foot traffic, so it’s important to choose materials that can withstand moisture and wear over time.

Tile is always a popular choice because it comes in endless colors and styles, but it can be pricey—especially if you hire someone to install it.

One way to cut costs is by doing it yourself; another is to select lower-priced options like ceramic tiles instead of more costly natural stone varieties.

3. Fixtures:

High-quality fixtures will not only last longer but also provide greater water pressure than their cheaper counterparts. So if possible, splurge on items like faucets, showerheads, toilets, etc., knowing they’ll serve you well for many years down the road.

That said, keep an eye out for sales (especially during holiday periods) where these items may be discounted anywhere from 20 – 50% off retail prices.

4. Lighting:

Good lighting is key in any room—but particularly bathrooms where tasks such as shaving require bright light close at hand. Without adequate illumination, even simple grooming routines become difficult.

There are lots of ways to achieve great lighting without spending top dollar including using recessed lights (which create ambient light) along with task lights placed near mirrors.

For dramatic effect consider installing dimmers that give complete control over ambiance levels in the space.

5. Storage:

Most bathrooms could use additional storage whether it’s for towels, toiletries, or cleaning supplies.

Custom built-ins are always nice but can be pricey; a more affordable solution is using ready-made furniture pieces like dressers, armoires, and shelves which can all be easily converted into functional bathroom storage.

With a little creativity (and maybe some elbow grease) you save big on this important aspect of your remodel. By following these tips, you can have the bathroom of your dreams without breaking the bank.

Key Takeaway: You can save money on a bathroom remodel by choosing lower-priced materials and doing some of the work yourself.

Is a Bathroom Remodel Worth It?

If you’re considering a bathroom remodel, you might be wondering if it’s worth your time and money. After all, much of the cost of a renovation is laborious work that goes into making cosmetic changes.

However, there are several reasons why renovating your bathroom can be a wise investment – even if you don’t end up recouping the full cost in increased home value.

Here are four reasons to consider a bathroom remodel:

1. Comfort and Style:

A newly renovated bathroom will be more comfortable and stylish than an outdated one. This means that you’ll enjoy spending time in your new space, whether you’re taking a relaxing bath or getting ready for your day.

Even if you don’t plan on selling your home anytime soon, comfort and style should be two of your main priorities when choosing to renovate any room in your house.

2. Increased Functionality:

If your current bathroom isn’t meeting your needs, then a remodel can provide much-needed improvements in this area.

For example, adding additional storage shelves or cabinets can help keep toiletries and towels organized; installing Grab bars can make bathing safer, or switching out an old tub for a walk-in shower could make life easier for someone with mobility issues.

By increasing the functionality of your space, you’ll get more use and enjoyment out of it overall. Plus, these types of improvements can also add to value if you do decide to sell down the road.

3. Curb Appeal:

First impressions matter – especially when it comes to selling your home. If potential buyers see an outdated or poorly maintained bathroom, they may be turned off before they ever step foot inside.

On the other hand, a sleek and modern-looking bathroom can give buyers confidence that the rest of the house is just as well cared for.

4. Personal Satisfaction:

Remodeling any part of your house should ultimately be about what will make YOU happy. Not what someone told you to do or what you think will impress future buyers.

So if a particular change or upgrade has been bugging you for years but you’ve never gotten around to it because “it’s not necessary” or doesn’t seem like a good investment… Just do it yourself!

You’ll be surprised how much better you feel about coming home every day when little things have been changed to better suit YOUR needs and taste.

Key Takeaway: A bathroom remodel can be a wise investment, even if you don’t plan on selling your home soon.

10 Ways to Make Your New Bathroom Even More Awesome

Assuming you just finished remodeling your bathroom, congratulations! You did it!

A new bathroom is a big investment, both in time and money, but it’s worth it when you see the final product. Now that the hard work is done, it’s time to enjoy your oasis.

But why stop there?

There are plenty of ways to make your new bathroom even more awesome.

Here are 10 ideas to get you started:

1. Add Some Greenery:

Plants can liven up any space, and they help purify the air. If you don’t have a green thumb, opt for low-maintenance options like succulents or cacti.

2. Incorporate Interesting Textures:

Textured towels, rugs, or shower curtains add visual interest and can also be fun to touch (especially after a relaxing bath).

3. Hang Art on the Walls

Artwork adds personality and makes any room feel more inviting. Choose pieces that reflect your style or that complement the color scheme of the room.

4. Install Dimmer Switches:

Dimmer switches aren’t just for living rooms – they can also be used in bathrooms to create a softer ambiance. Perfect for unwinding at night.

Simply swap out your existing light switch covers with ones that have built-in dimmers.

5. Get Creative With Storage:

  • If you find yourself short on storage space
  • think outside the box – literally. Wall-mounted baskets
  • shelves or hooks provide extra places to store items without taking up valuable floor space… plus
  • they look pretty too!

6. Use Scented Candles Sparingly:

Scented candles can give your bathroom a luxurious spa-like feeling, but use them sparingly as too much fragrance can be overwhelming.

7. Play Around with Lighting:

In addition to using dimmer switches (as mentioned above); try adding different types of lighting fixtures to create different effects.

For example; recessed lights provide general illumination while pendant lights or wall sconces can be used for task lighting.

8. Set the Mood with Music:

Music has the power to change our moods instantly so why not set the tone for relaxation by playing calming tunes in your new bathroom?

Create a playlist specifically for bathing, getting ready in the morning, and winding down at night.

9. Install a Heated Towel Rack

Heated towel racks aren’t just for luxury hotels. Anyone can have one!

It’s a small detail that makes a big difference, especially on chilly mornings.

10. Add Some Personal Touches:

Last but not least; don’t forget to add some personal touches to your space. This could be anything from photos and trinkets to your favorite scented soap.

These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to making your new bathroom even more awesome. So go ahead and experiment until you find what works best for you.

Key Takeaway: There are plenty of ways to make your new bathroom even more awesome. Try adding plants, dimmer switches, interesting textures, or creative storage solutions.

FAQs about How Much to Remodel a Bathroom

What is a realistic budget for a bathroom remodel?

The average bathroom remodels costs $10,500. However, this number can vary greatly depending on the size and scope of your project.

For a small bathroom, you could get away with spending as little as $3,000-$5,000. But for a larger space or more luxurious finishes, expect to spend closer to $15,000-$20,000.

What costs the most in a bathroom remodel?

Many factors contribute to the cost of a bathroom remodel, but the three main components are labor, materials, and design. The biggest factor in determining the cost of a bathroom remodel is usually labor.

If you have a large or complex bathroom, it will take more time for contractors to complete the job, which will drive up costs. Materials also play a big role in how much your bathroom remodel will cost.

High-end materials like marble or granite can be very expensive, while lower-cost options like laminate might be more affordable. Finally, your choice of fixtures and finishes can also affect costs.

Luxury items like heated floors or rainfall showerheads might add to the bottom line, while simpler choices could help keep costs down.

Is remodeling a bathroom worth it?

The answer to this question depends on several factors, including the age and condition of your bathroom, how much you’re willing to spend, and your goals for the space.

If your bathroom is outdated or in poor condition, remodeling it can add significant value to your home.

Even if you don’t plan to sell anytime soon, a newly remodeled bathroom will be more enjoyable to use daily. Of course, all renovations come with a cost – so you’ll need to decide whether the potential benefits are worth the investment.

How long does it take to remodel a small bathroom?

It typically takes 2-3 weeks to remodel a small bathroom. This time frame can be shortened or lengthened depending on the size and scope of the project.

For example, if you are only replacing fixtures, painting, and re-tiling, the project may only take a week or two.

However, if you are gutting the entire space and starting from scratch, it could take up to a month.


Overall, whether or not a bathroom remodels is worth it depends on your circumstances but if you’re looking for ways to increase the value of your home or simply want a nicer space to relax in at the end of the day, it’s something worth considering.

Looking to renovate your bathroom but not sure where to start? Big Easy Bathroom can help you with all aspects of your bathroom remodel, from design to construction. We have a team of experienced and qualified contractors who are ready to take on your project. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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