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5 Design Trends for Modern Bathroom Showers

When it comes to modern bathroom design, the shower is one of the most important elements to consider. A well-designed shower can enhance the overall look and feel of your bathroom, while also providing a relaxing and refreshing experience.

In this blog post, we will share 5 design trends for modern bathroom showers that homeowners in New Orleans should consider when remodeling their bathrooms. As the leading bathroom remodeling company in the area, Big Easy Bathrooms has the expertise to help you create the perfect shower for your needs.

Minimalist Showers

One of the biggest design trends for modern bathroom showers is a minimalist approach. This means eliminating any unnecessary features and keeping the design clean and simple.

Here are some key elements of a minimalist shower:

  • Frameless glass shower enclosures
  • Simple, clean-lined fixtures
  • Neutral colors and natural materials, such as marble or stone
  • A focus on functionality and efficiency

Open Showers

Open showers are becoming increasingly popular in modern bathroom design. These showers are not enclosed by walls or doors, creating a more spacious and airy feel in the bathroom.

Here are some key elements of an open shower:

  • Large format tiles or natural stone
  • A linear drain system that blends into the floor
  • A rain showerhead or multiple showerheads for a spa-like experience
  • Proper waterproofing to prevent water damage

Statement Tiles

statement tiles showerAnother design trend for modern bathroom showers is the use of statement tiles. These tiles can add texture, color, and pattern to the shower area, creating a focal point in the bathroom.

Here are some examples of statement tiles:

  • Geometric patterns in bold colors
  • Textured tiles, such as hexagonal or subway tiles
  • Large format tiles with a marble or stone look
  • Mosaic tiles in a variety of colors and shapes

Smart Showers

Technology has revolutionized the way we live, and it’s now making its way into the bathroom. Smart showers offer a range of features that can enhance your shower experience, including:

  • Voice-activated controls
  • LED lighting that changes color based on water temperature
  • Built-in speakers for music or podcasts
  • Customizable water pressure and temperature settings

Natural Materials

Finally, using natural materials in the shower area is a design trend that homeowners in New Orleans are sure to love. Here are some examples of natural materials that can add warmth and texture to the shower:

  • Teak or cedar wood accents
  • Pebble or river rock shower floors
  • Natural stone or marble tiles
  • Live plants that thrive in a humid environment

Create Your Dream Shower with Big Easy Bathrooms

Designing a modern bathroom shower requires careful consideration of various elements, from the type of showerhead to the materials used. By following these 5 design trends, you can create a beautiful and functional shower that will enhance your daily routine and add value to your home.

As the leading bathroom remodeling company in New Orleans, Big Easy Bathrooms can help you bring your shower design dreams to life. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and start planning your bathroom remodel.

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